Vanestro Atlantic

Vanestro Atlantic offers you a variety of seating and storage configurations. Van users can opt for 5 or 8 comfortable seats (in rows of 2+3+3).

With seating for 5 people, there is also space for our kitchen camp box made from the top quality lightwood, which comes with a camping stove, sink, camping fridge box and plenty of storage. In this configuration, you get a sleeping space for all your passengers.

If needed, the kitchen camp box can be easily and quickly changed for another row of seats, making it 8. With the maximum quantity of seats, you still keep the comfortable upper bed with a view.

Vanestro Pacific

Vanestro Pacific offers even more different layouts. In every van get the 2+2 seating option, but only Vanestro Pacific always provides you with the extra 3 independent seats that can create a middle row.

In the Vanestro Pacific, you can find a permanent storage area with a camping fridge and a removable extended kitchen block, which includes a 2 burner stove and a sink. The removable extension can be left at home when you won’t need it on your trip or it can be used outside of the van when you feel like cooking under the blue sky.

When it comes to configurations, Vanestro Pacific gives you many to choose from. There are two beds, one lower and one higher, under the roof, with an incredible view. You can also opt for one or two extra seats in the middle row. Those two seats can face either the driver or the back. Removing the kitchen block creates a space for a third seat.